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Carmelo Tortorici Vincenzo Mascio Vittorio Valenti

Created & Made in Italy


Carmelo Tortorici

I started this job about 25 years ago during one of my various overseas trips while offering a made in Italy production; thanks to the meeting with a chef who asked me to renew his kitchen by using only Italian cooking equipment. It was the beginning of a new journey that led me to know the world of food and to the realization of more than 50 turn key professional kitchens. A special thanks goes to the Chef’s in this world, with whom I have had the honor to collaborate with.


Arch. Vittorio valenti

I graduated in 1998 at Politecnico University of Milan as Architect and Industrial Designer, after that I got my Ph.D. at the Bologna University. At the beginning of my career I was attracted to the food & beverage industry and some of my kitchen designs have been presented at the Italian EXPO in 2008 and at the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. Since 2010 I have joined the FCSI association “FOOD SERVICE CONSULTANT SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL” and currently I am the Vice-President of FCSI-Italy section.

About Foto per profilo Vincenzo Mascio

Chef Vincenzo Mascio

Bakery, my mission:
I started mixing flour with my hands in 1981 and since then I have built my experience, step by step, with intense professioanalism, with different positions in different areas, Italy and abroad. I face each day as a challenge, a vocation, looking for solutions to get the best product in the best way.
My Philosophy:
“Innovation does not only mean creating new products, but also creating the old ones by optimizing their processes. ”A project has to be studied in detail, hence to be made available to everyone. "Why can't an artisan food product be processed and cooked following the industrial production if the proper methods are respected?” “Customization is an added value in all senses, standardization is a loss of value in all senses.”

We feel that this is the opportune time to take note about the many pictures that you will see throughout this site, all pictures shown have been taken by ourselves or by our teams while the projects were in progress and not from professional photographers.
We apologize for poor quality of some of them but certainly they are the demonstration of the total commitment given by ourselves and by collaborators whenever we find ourselves engaged in a new project.