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Created and Made in Italy

” Thanks to our italian craftsmen specialized in stainless steel processing. ”

Cooking monoblock

Designed following the client’s needs

Showing the guests how the chef creats and cooking together.…why not? A functional but compacted show-cooking-monoblock 1700 x 1600 mm. 1 wok 23kW – 1 frytop – 1 induction –

High standard features, safety and tecnology

A masterpiece created by following the sketch drawings of the designer. 3800 x 2000 mm of tecnology at the service of the creativity. 1 fryer – 1 pasta cooker –

How to combine praticality and hygiene

A cooking block with essential but practical lines that allows the chef to work efficiently while creating their dishes. 2 induction ranges – 1 frytop – 1 bainmarie – 1

Following the shape: a challenge to mould stainless steel.

Following the shape: a challenge to mould stainless steel

A racing cooking monoblock for a racing kitchen team

The right mix between race-technology and ability of our craftsmen.: cookings + ventilation + refrigeration + neutral units .

Once upon a time there was raw steel. Than it met our italian craftsmen.

Inductions + wok + fry top + pasta cooker + support for salamander + tap + heating cabinet. .


To Facilitate an easier flow for the chef around a monoblock

To integrate appropriate appliances

Working to facilitate an easier flow for the chef around the monoblock by selecting the most appropriate professional kitchen appliances: all of them are integrated on a one piece hygienic

One piece stainless steel top

One piece top, 2 working lines, standing on foot, to be installed both as show kitchen or in the back of the house: These are some characteristics for a monoblock

How many cooking appliances…..?

How many cooking appliances are possible to install on a cooking monoblock? Which are the most utilized? How many times does a cooking monoblock match the space available, which is

Commitment to exellence: A story to be told.

Our italian craftsmen have created and manufactured cooking monoblocks with a special attention on customization.

What is a cooking monoblock? From a draft sketch drawing to a cooking station.

Very often we talk about a cooking monoblock because we remain fascinated by some pictures

What an Executive Chef looks for from a professional cooking monoblock?

The executive chef has in mind the final target: to have a multifunctional working station

How to make a bespoke suit...