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25 years directly in the Commercial Kitchen project field, design and food concept retails, coordinating a multitasking team composed of Chefs, Architects, Clients, Project Managers, M.E.P. Installers, Manufacturers and Designers.    

Has all this been easy?  Not at all, but with patience we managed to gain professional experience to face new projects and to coordinate all the actors involved. Today we put our experience at the disposal of Chefs, Architects, Project Managers and those who invest in the Catering business, particularly for Hotels, Resorts and Bakery Cafe.


From the factories while the production is in progress, to the field where the project is ongoing, and viceversa: this is one of the main key ingredients that allows for the success of a project. We found that only by seeing and personally touching the work of each team member which made it possible to reach the goal of a scheduled opening and to decrease the margins of human error.

“The Stainless-Steel Italian Style Professional Kitchen”

In the North Eastern areas of Italy and mainly in the provinces of Treviso, Pordenone and Belluno there are located hundreds of factories; thanks to their experience and high technological content, allows them to propose both a standard and a highly customized production.This Italian area, one of the richest in my country in terms of Entrepreneurial Initiative, for reasons unknown to me, began in the 1960s and was the birthplace of hundreds of Craftsmen that specializing in steel processing; so far they are considered a worldwide reference point in the professional kitchen sector and in the equipment that surrounds it.

Inspired by ITALY

A Food Valley called Italy, the land where we were born, studied and started our carrers; a land that today is still able to surprise us with new technologies in cooking and food conserving with artisan recipes or through advanced production methods. This is what enriches our professional skills everyday.
Carmelo, Vincenzo, Vittorio

Cold Technology

Thanks to Cold Technology you can produce healthier and more hygienic food products that are more efficient in terms of cost. The use of well dimensioned refrigeration allows Chefs to focus their skills on perfecting the product, therefore maintaining their original quality.

Our team has the Cold Technology experience

Standard & Modular or COOKING MONOBLOCK

A Wide range of standard equipment and modular cooking ranges as well as neutral or refrigeration units, dishwashing machines, ovens, bar equipment and cabinets. Fully Customized cooking monoblockblock for professional chefs and in accordance with the chef’s and consultant’s needs. A unique piece tailored by our Italian Craftsmen. 

Stainless Steel, Made in Italy


From passion! From experience! From Knowledge!
Our aim is to improve and increase the capabilities of your production team with a means to add value to your business.
The professionality of a team member is not coming from his position, but from a proper training based on knowledge sharing