Commitment to exellence: A story to be told.

Our italian craftsmen have created and manufactured cooking monoblocks with a special attention on customization. A perfect mix of cutting edge solutions, functional appliances, care about hygiene, will give a unique masterpiece.

All monoblocks are customized following the chef’s wishes, their targets to be reached and what experience that will give the clients through their dishes

What is a cooking monoblock? From a draft sketch drawing to a cooking station.

Very often we talk about a cooking monoblock because we remain fascinated by some pictures on the internet or some monoblocks inside the chef’s back of house.

Behind that image of a piece, shining and in full operation, there is the hard work of a close-knit group of people which may have been refined by years of training and tests, prototypes and corrections.

A customized cooking monoblock born by a cooking concept that a chef needs for him to reach his personal target properly, for instance in terms of giving emotions through food.


What an Executive Chef looks for from a professional cooking monoblock?

The executive chef has in mind the final target: to have a multifunctional working station which allows him to have enough working space as well as proper cooking appliances.

It is thanks to the experience of our italian craftsmen that the chef’s needs will be recognized through a well balanced cooking monoblock.